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A high quality, plant-based raw hemp seed protein containing a minimum of 40% highly digestible protein. 100% Australian grown, vegan friendly and gluten-free, this nutty powder is a great way to keep up with your body’s nutritional needs.

Health benefits
Plant-based proteins are generally easier for your body to digest and are a healthy alternative to meat. Unlike meat, hemp protein contains healthy fats and a whopping 20% fibre, which makes it a more complete food source to support your immune system and gut health. Hemp seed protein powder will help with your fitness regime by building muscle and promoting healthy cardiovascular function.

How to use
Best used in smoothies – we’ve included a great recipe for you on our packaging. Get a double hemp hit by making your smoothie with ‘hemp mylk’ using our Raw Hemp Seed Hearts. Also makes a great addition to protein balls and baked goods.


100% Australian hemp seed protein powder