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Suitable for all hair types (especially oily/greasy)

Lola conditioner bar takes it a step higher to help out and protect your tresses all while infusing moisture and body into the hair shaft (yes, even greasy hair and skin need moisturizing!)

Murumuru Butter

From the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil is this key ingredient that will nourish and seal in moisture into each hair strand without weighing it down! The vitamins and minerals in this natural ingredient further strive to nurture both your hair and scalp, working in tandem with the soothing Calendula Extract and Desert Lime Extract base to give you all-out nutrition light enough to not bog your hair down.

Calendula Extract, and its key effect is to soothe, soothe, and soothe some more! This all-natural plant extract works to calm and help eliminate inflammation and irritation, and while fabulous in skincare, it also works just as well in hair care! Say goodbye to dry scalp with this blend—yes, you can even use this conditioner on your scalp (Goodbye, irritating no-no conditioner rule!). Itchiness from irritation and dried-out skin will be a thing of the past. Not just that, but it refreshes in a calming burst and also protects both the skin and the hair shaft, working effectively but also gently enough on all hair types.


  • A bar weighs around 60g and gives 40 to 48 washes or more (depending on the length of your hair). This is worth 3 to 4 months’ supply if you wash your hair twice per week

  • You save on at least a container (be it plastic or other) and at least one litre of water

  • Cardboard Packaging

  • No SLS & SLeS

  • pH Balanced & Soap Free

  • Plant based preservative – No Parabens

  • Body safe and biodegradable fragrances – Phthalates Free


Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Canola oil)1 2, Cetearyl Alcohol(from natural vegetal source)1, Murumuru Butter, Panthenol, Calendula Extract4, Desert Lime Extract4,Olive Esters1,Natural Preservative from Sorbitol1, Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate1 2, Hydrogenated Olive Oil1 2, Mica, Fragrance oil3

1* derived from natural, renewable raw materials and certified biodegradable

2* Ecocert

3* certified body safe and biodegradable

4* certified organic

5* GMO Free