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The Small Swag keeps fresh produce fresh, crisp, and happy for weeks on end. Waste less, save money with fewer trips to the store and live healthier with our Small Swag (but we bet you’ll be back for more!)

The Swag can be used to store a variety of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens all in one Swag and keeps fresh produce fresh, crisp, and happy for two weeks (on average!).

  • Machine-Washable (cold water)

  • Colour-Coded Trim for easy organisation

  • Made from three Unique Layers of 100% Unbleached, Unseeded Cotton

  • Non-Toxic/Chemical-Free

  • 100% Compostable (excluding care label)

  • Ethical & Fair-Trade (SEDEX)

  • A “How To” Information Booklet

Width: 37cm x Height: 38cm (opened up, flap open), Height: 24cm with flap closed. 


  • Machine wash before use.

  • Dampen Swags under the tap & wring out excess water.

  • Pack fruit, veggies & leafy greens into your Swags

  • Place in the crisper of the fridge.

  • Enjoy 2 weeks or more of freshness (on average).

Every 2 weeks, turn inside out, and cold machine wash preferably with non-toxic washing powder. Dry in full sun if possible. And repeat!